Buy 6 get 1 Free – Patchwork Quilting Fabric

Buy 6 get 1 Free – Fabric

buy 6 fabric sale
Buy 7 fat quarters or panels of fabric and pay for 6 and get your 7th for free. The discount will automatically be applied to the lesser priced item. This offer is cummalitive, which means if you order 14 you get your 13th and 14th for free and so on.

So take advantage of this great offer now. No extra postage or anything else, so buy up big and SAVE!!
p.s it doesn’t even have to be, all the same fabric or anything.

Sneak Peak

Somethings Coutnry – My Quilting Shop

Take a sneak peak into our shop and fabric ranges.  Lots more of course that wouldn’t fit onto the video, but this will give you just a taste.

Tell me what you think!

Tilda Club is in Store Now – March 2015

tilda clubDon’t miss out on this great opportunity.  We have limited number of the great Tilda Club.

So what is Tilda Club, I hear you ask?   Well good question.

The perfectly imperfect world of Tilda
Tilda is a craft brand founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999, best known for its whimsical and naive characters in the form of animals and dolls. There is a certain attitude to life in Tilda’s world, whimsical and romantic, like a ball gown worn with wellies – perfectly imperfect.The Tilda range consists of craft products such as fabric, paper and accessories, as well as home products and craft books.  AB_Room_3

Tilda club is EXCLUSIVELY for Australian and therefor harder to get, but guess what you found it all here.  Tilda fabric have a very romantic and earthly quality to them.  The Tilda club is posted out to you every 2 months for just $45 and includes postage and products at random from their collection as well as an EXCLUSIVE Australian designer pattern.

You get products that you can use in this pattern and more.  Simple little projects that won’t take long, but leaves you with that “Oh I finished it” feeling.  And good is that feeling.

This months talented designer is Helen Stubbings of Hugs ‘n Kisses and she has designed a wonderful project with just you in mind.  Now I can’t tell you what it is, that is all part of the surprise (no it is not shown on this page, but some of the other projects are!)

SL_Purse   If you wish to buy for this month only, that is perfectly    fine, click here to go to the Buy it Now page, but if  you wish to continue getting it, check it out for our great 12 month offer (6 issues), that we can charge you now and you will get it automatically every 2 months for a little surprise in the mail.

You will so fall in love with the style, comfort and everything with Tilda that a catalogue will also be included, showing you the full current range.

Some of these however are not instock at the moment, but to order anything, just let me what you are wanting from the catalogue and I will get it in for you.

Special Offers will also be included in all Mailings from our Shop, exclusive and just for you.

Talk soon and Happy Sewing


OMG it is March Already!!

Where on Earth has this year gone?  I can’t believe that it is March already.  Into our 3rd month, means the first quarter of the years is almost done.  How have you been going with your New Years resolutions?   Smashing them UFO’s out or haven’t even looked at them?

Well me, personally, haven’t even stitched a stitch for myself yet this year.  Don’t get me wrong, I have sewn a bit most weeks, but it has always been something for a customer order or to sell in the shop.  My current quilt is looking quite forlorn in the corner of my sewing room, sobbing to itself for lack of interest I have given it so far lately.

On the Patchwork-Quilting-Fabric-Bush-Babies-Galah-Kookaburra-Panel-60x110cm-New-161627367141shop front, we have so many new fabrics and    items to temp you, we have been so busy.  One that took my eye that came in the end of last week, and I listed over the weekend is the Bush Babies Australian Birds collection.

This has panels that are a 30cm repeat as shown x the width of fabric, but go vertically and the others are border fabrics.  They are so lovely and look a lot nicer than is shown in the photos, as the background is more whiter than shown.

Patchwork-Quilting-Fabric-Bush-Babies-Rainbow-Lorikeets-Panel-60x110cm-New-111615317410Patchwork-Quilting-Fabric-Bush-Babies-Budgie-Wrens-Panel-60x110cm-New-1616273679353 different types on each.







If you are wanting to purchase some of these, click on this link below:

Other great items that have come in are some more June Tailor quilting templates and rulers.  You all know how much I love these.  For more on these click this link.  Watch the tutorials just to show you what is possible.  I know it is not a June Tailor one, but I am loving the Attic window template as well.

DMC Stranded threads stand has also arrived  Also stranded thread is only $1.50 per skein.  Choose your colours from below and message me if you want one added to your order.

dmc stranded cotton shade card

I promise I will give you more updates regularly and not wait another 3 months before I post again.

Cheers and happy sewing



Merry Christmas to All

From Janelle and Staff, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and fruitful New Year.  We will only be working a few days over the next fortnight, so please be patient with any orders you may do.  We will be completely back to normal (as much as we ever were) on Monday 12th January.

If you wish to ring for any orders the following dates are our hours for orders.


TUES 30TH – WED 31ST – 10AM – 3PM


MON 5TH – FRI 10TH – 10AM – 3PM





For all those that have bought and loved the dream garden fabrics, are those that are just searching for it now, we finally located some of the last pieces in Australia (and the world) and they should be here next week.  After this lot has gone there will be no more.  IN STOCK NOW

To find our products by name, the easiest way is to click on “Shop for Fabrics” and they a search bar will appear.  Type in dream garden and all of the items pertaining to this line, will show up.


Shape Cut Plus, Dream Garden & More

Thanks to the strong response to the Shape Cut Plus, we had sold out, but they are back in stock now.  To go and see the tutorial, Click on Sewing Supplies, then Rulers, Cutting Mats and Cutters for more of this Range and Tutorials as well as new items in the June Tailor Range.

Dream Garden went fantastically well.  We are now almost sold out of this entire range, with 2 items from the range left.  To find this range the best way is to click onto Store, then type in Dream Garden into the search bar.  This will give you the entire range.  Sorry but there is no more of this stock in the warehouse in Australia and none as well at the stockists in the USA.  (It sold so quickly, we wish there was more, but sorry)

New things arrive all the time, so the best way is to check back regularly for new stocks.  If you have any ideas or suggestions on a better way to layout our site or make it easier to use, please feel free to message me, as this is my very first “built from scratch” website.  Suggestions are most welcome, as well as hints ect.

I have included a few photos of some ranges that are now in stock as well, just to wet your appetite.

For now, happy sewing  to all.


PS  I finally got back to my own personal quilt, after not touching it for about 4-5 months, so I want it finished before xmas, so I can start a new on in the new year.  I will post my work on here, when it gets done.  By telling you all, will make me more likely to do it faster LOL.  Watch this space soon.

2014-10-08 23.40.04 2014-10-08 23.42.46 castlewood1 community3 hearts_content_collection misskate3 paisley park1 rambling rose1 somerset3 winterlude

Our New Shape Cut Plus

Do you want to save time and money by making your own jelly Rolls, Layer cakes, charm packs, binding strips or any size cut in rectangle, squares, trinangle, and hexagons?
Well look no further.
This portable ruler is the ANSWER!!
Not only is it so easy to use, it is portable and easy to take anywhere. The ruler will cut upto 8 layers of fabric AND anything upto 18 x 12inches. Just fold your fabric, line up the grid and cut with a normal rotary cutter (any type or size). Make sure you have a cutting mat underneath and you have everything you need. Watch the tutorial below.

Imagine how much time this will save. Make your own jelly rolls in minutes and save money.
To order, simply click on the Sewing Supplies link above, then rulers and templates to see all the other types of rulers to tempt you. Or just click the link here to take up our offer of FREE POSTAGE

Sally Giblin’s – The Rivendale Collection Patterns

Have you wanted a quick and easy pattern to follow, that also is creative and stylish all in one?  Then look no further than The Rivendale Collection Patterns.

These pattern have fantastic, easy to follow instructions with clear beautifully presented pictures.  Including instructions on making the item as well as the stitchery and applique as well.

All these patterns are available.

rivendale collection

Sally’s just release some new patterns, which we have been blessed to receive all the new ones as well as restocking up on some of the old favourites.  Come and have a look in our Sewing Supplies section and check out the link to the patterns.

Happy stitching Everyone!


New Website

Hi Sewers,

We have started this brand new website (which is still under construction by the way).  This website is to feature all the lovely fabrics and other sewing related items we have in stock.  I will endevour to show all the new fabrics as they arrive on here, so please check back often as new items are arriving every week.

I look forward to cutting some fabric to your size to add to your stash soon.

Happy quilting,